Titel: Forschungskolloquium: Quitters: What drives exits from entrepreneurial teams?
Startdatum: 13 Januar
Startzeit: 16:30
Stoppzeit: 18:00Uhr
Veranstalter: INCHER-Kassel
Professorin Dr. Hanna Hottenrott (TUM School of Management, Technische Universität München)  
Ort: 16:30 bis 18:00 Uhr, Campus Center, Seminarraum 6, Raum 1124, Universität Kassel (Hybrid)

We study team stability in large sample of top management teams in young firms. We test hypotheses regarding drivers of exit of individual team members from the team. We find that investor entry and firm performance are important factors explaining management team churn. We also find that female team members are more likely to drop out, but that this can be traced back to differences in equity holdings rather than family reasons, individual preferences, or personality traits.

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