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Registration for Courses SoSe 2018

This will take place from 12th - 25th March and from 2nd  - 15th April.

All the information you need can be found under "Registration for courses".


Exam Paper Viewing

On Wednesday 25th April at 2pm, you may view your Module 1 or Module 9 exam papers provided you have passed it. Please read the notice below.

If you have failed the exam, you may look at the exam during an appointment. Please contact Matt Emery for Module 1 or Fiona Dancy for Module 9.

Exam Paper Viewing





"BLANK" 2015

BLANK - Uni Kassel Student Paper

Magazin der Studierenden der Anglistik/ Amerikanistik des Fachbereiches 02 der Universität Kassel

Coordinators: Daniel Krooß, Christian Weiß, Matt Emery, Christopher Forlini

E-Mail: Blank.student.np@gmail.com

Facebook: BLANK - Student Newspaper on Facebook

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