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Welcome to the Chair of Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (TIME)!

Top News

  • Four new conference contributions! TIME is represented at the R&D Management Conference 2018 "Transformational Challenges for Organizations and Society" in Milan/Italy.

  • New conference contributions! TIME is represented at the 18th Euram Conference 2018 "Research in Action - Accelerating knowledge creation in management" at the University of Iceland in Reykjavic/Iceland.

  • New conference contributions!
    TIME is represented at the 25th Innovation and Product Development Conference (IPDMC) 2018 in Porto/Portugal.

News in teaching:

  • Office hours: Office hours of all chair staff members during semester break only by appointment. Please e-mail the respective staff member for an appointment.
  • Registration for Bachelor and Master courses in the winter term 2017: Please note that the Master course (Innovationsprojektmanagement) have a limited number of participants. Therefore, a registration is necessary. A prior registration for the Bachelor course (Fallstudienseminar Innovationsmanagement) is not mandatory.

  • WiIng Beginners: As study program coordinator, we would like to warmly welcome our 192 beginners in the Bachelor program Industrial Engineering as well as 54 beginners in the Master program Industrial Engineering. We wish you getting off to a good start at the University of Kassel!

News in research:

  • The paper "Value driver of social businesses: A business model perspective" has been accepted for publication in Long Range Planning. 

  • The paper "Business Model Design in Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Illuminating the Commercial Logic of Hybrid Businesses" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Cleaner Production

  • The paper "Active innovation resistance: An empirical study on functional and psychological barriers to innovation adoption in different contexts" has been accepted for publication in Industrial Marketing Management

  • The paper "Business model innvation alliances: how to open business models for cooperation" has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Innovation Management

  • The paper "Reducing front end uncertainties: How organisational characteristics influence the intensity of front end analysis" has been accepted for publication in Technological Forecasting & Social Change.

  • The paper "The Impact of Energy Management Control Systems on Energy Efficiency in the German Manufacturing Industry" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Industrial Ecology.

  • The paper "Relational determinants of ambidextrous knowledge sharing in innovation networks of businesses" has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing.

  • The paper "Ready, Steady, Green: Examining the Effectiveness of External Policies to Enhance the Adoption of Eco-Friendly Innovations" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Product Innovation Management.

  • The paper "Business Model Innovation and Decision-Making: Uncovering Mechanisms for Coping with Uncertainty" has been accepted for publication in R&D Management Journal.

  • The paper “Are Innovation Networks in Need of a Conductor? Examining the Contribution of Network Managers in Low and High Complexity Settings” has been published in Long Range Planning.

  • The paper "Exploring the linkage between business model (&) innovation and the strategy of the firm" has been published in R&D Management Journal.

  • The paper "Governance of Open Innovation Networks with National vs. International Scope" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Strategy and Management.

  • The paper "Treat Your Suppliers Right! Aligning Strategic Innovation Orientation in Captive Supplier Relationships with Relational and Transactional Governance Mechanisms" has been acccepted for publication in R&D Management Journal.

  • The paper “Business Model Innovativeness: Designing a Formative Measure for Business Model Innovation” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Business Economics.