Herzlich Willkommen beim SVI-Stiftungslehrstuhl Internationales Direktmarketing der Universität Kassel


Paper accepted

The paper of Katharina Raab and Ralf Wagner, entitled 'Can God Save Our Environment from Waste? – An Exploratory Study of International Flight Passengers'  has been accepted for presentation at the 18th Cross Cultural...[more]

Paper accepted

Elsevier Journal 'Resources, Conservation & Recycling' accepted the article of Mohammed Salem, Katharina Raab & Ralf Wagner about 'Solid Waste Management: The Disposal Behavior of Poor People Living in Gaza Strip...[more]

Welcome to European Master in Business Studies

Università degli Studi di Trento 15.03.2019[more]

Welcome, new EMBS13!

Welcoming the new EMBS13 at Trento University, 2019-09-18[more]

Highly Recommended Award


Excursion to the B. Braun head office in Melsungen for the EMBS (European Master in Business Studies) 12 Students is scheduled for the 15th of November

Paper accepted

The Luxury Branding Research Centre Conference Organising Committee congratulates Taylan Ürkmez and Ralf Wagner on the acceptance of their paper entitled “THE STRAINED BALANCE BETWEEN UBIQUITY AND EXCLUSIVITY FOR DIFFERENT LEVELS...[more]

EMBS accepted for ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet Module

We are pleased to announce that the European Master in Business Studies (EMBS) will be supported by European funding. The application concerning "Internationalization and Soft Skills for Change Management in Europe"...[more]

Paper accepted

“The Impact of Missing Values on PLS, ML and FIML ModelFit” is accepted by Archives of Data Science – Series A: Malek Grimm & Ralf Wagner[more]

Outstanding Paper in the 2019 Emerald Literati Awards

' Green supply chain management in food retailing: survey-based evidence in Croatia ' published in Supply Chain Management: An International Journal has been selected by the editorial team as an Outstanding Paper in the...[more]

Gastvorträge von Ralf Wagner und Malek Grimm an der Universität Hamburg

Am kommenden Freitag, dem 28.06.2019 werden im Arbeitsbereich Psychologische Methoden und Statistik der Universität Hamburg zwei Vorträge von Gästen aus der Universität Kassel gehalten. Herr Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner wird zum Thema...[more]

Paper accepted

“Common and Contradictory Motivations in Buying Intentions for Green and Luxury Automobiles” in Sustainability (10.06.2019) [more]

Paper accepted

“Advancing Reputation Measurement: Evolving Toward Improved Quantitative Assessments” in Marketing Intelligence and Planning (09.06.2019).[more]

Congratulations, Shuai Shao!

We congratulate Shuai Shao for sucessfully defending his PhD theses (23.05.2019).[more]

PREVENT Waste Alliance in Berlin

Katharina Raab and Professor Dr. Wagner attended funding meeting of the PREVENT Waste Alliance in Berlin. This alliance is committed to building a sustainable closed-loop waste management system, particularly in emerging and...[more]

Guest Lecturer from Palestine, Professor Salem

Demarketing Concepts, Waste Avoidance[more]

Paper accepted

The Paper “ 'A comprehensive look at luxury brand marketing research from 2000 to 2016: a bibliometric study and content analysis', Management Review Quarterly” by Dr. Farhad Aliyev, Prof. Dr. Taylan Ürkmez and Prof. Dr. Ralf...[more]

Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner in the Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner in the Scientific Committee of the 2020 International Conference on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS 2020), Beihang University, Beijing, March 17 - 19, 2020:...[more]

Paper accepted

The Paper “How Indian Home-grown Businesses Outsmart the MNCs ” by Prof. Swati Singh, PhD  and Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner has been accepted by European Business Review.[more]

Every 4th Dollar of ad spending goes to Google and Facebook

total digital ad spending[more]

European Conference on Data Analysis in Bayreuth

Redwahn Amer, Malek S. Grimm and Ralf Wagner presented the paper “Handling Mechanisms of Missing Values Within Marketing Research Journals - A Literature-Based Analysis of Widely Used Missing Value Treatments Within High Ranked...[more]

global brands

This is how the ranking of the 15 top global brands has changed over the last 19 years[more]

Congratulations, Felipe!

We congratulate Felipe Schneider Cechella to his Master Degree with the thesis "gamification effects on learning (generalization and transfer of training): a quasi-experiment with a financial institution manager"![more]

Congratulations, Oliver!


Paper accepted!

The Paper “Service-Dominant Logic in the Digital Age—Are Actors still Co-Designers and Creators of Value?” by Prof. Dr. Christine Falkenreck und Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner is accepted for presentation at the 2019 EMAC Annual...[more]

Key-Note in Bangkok, Thailand.

Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner has given a Key-Note speech “Winning Integration Projects! Some Useful Tips!” at the “22nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance & Social Sciences” at 15th of Feb 2019 in Bangkok.

Conference presentation in Bangkok, Thailand.

Impoverished consumers dispose of their waste differently: A study from Cumbre San Nicolas – Guatemala[more]