13º Congresso Latino-Americano de Varejo e Consumo: "After COVID-19: Building Purpose through Stakeholders in Retailing"CLAV 2020

Katrin Zulauf, Ralf Wagner, Felipe Schneider Cechella

Changed Buying Behavior in the Corona Pandemic: Perceived Risk and its Effects



ISSEU-Jean Monnet

https://cjm.unitn.it/iss-eu/general-overview [more]

Paper accepted

“It is not all about Wine! Exploring Wine Tourism in India” by Katharina Raab, Swati Singh and Ralf Wagner is to be presented at the 14th Annual Conference of the American Association of Wine Economists...[more]

Paper accepted

“A review of inter-firm relationship quality in supply chains” in Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing[more]

new Bachelor seminar in summer semester 2020

Sustainable Marketing[more]

Paper accepted

"Gamification in the Aviation Industry: Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivations" by Salatto Anna-Caterina, Katharina Raab, Ralf Wagner [more]

Paper accepted

“Subsistence Marketplaces: Micro-Level Insights of Consumers´ Disposal Behavior in Guatemala” to Subsistence Marketplaces Conference 2020[more]

Katharina Raab elected into steering committee of Prevent Waste Alliance

Congratulations to all newly elected members, namely: •       Susanne Dorasil, BMZ •       Andreas Jaron, BMU •       Ashok-Alexander...[more]

Paper published

Swati Singh, Ralf Wagner in European Business Review[more]


Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. mult. Christian Homburg shared insights on how to publish in high ranked journals at the School of Economics and Management[more]

Paper accepted

The paper of Katharina Raab and Ralf Wagner, entitled 'Can God Save Our Environment from Waste? – An Exploratory Study of International Flight Passengers'  has been accepted for presentation at the 18th Cross Cultural...[more]

Paper accepted

Elsevier Journal 'Resources, Conservation & Recycling' accepted the article of Mohammed Salem, Katharina Raab & Ralf Wagner about 'Solid Waste Management: The Disposal Behavior of Poor People Living in Gaza Strip...[more]

Welcome to European Master in Business Studies

Università degli Studi di Trento 15.03.2019[more]

PREVENT Waste Alliance in Berlin

Katharina Raab and Professor Dr. Wagner attended funding meeting of the PREVENT Waste Alliance in Berlin. This alliance is committed to building a sustainable closed-loop waste management system, particularly in emerging and...[more]

Guest Lecturer from Palestine, Professor Salem

Demarketing Concepts, Waste Avoidance[more]