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Liebe Studienanfängerinnen und Studienanfänger des Masters Umwelt- und Energierecht im Sommer 2016!
Hier finden Sie die Präsentation zur Einführungsveranstaltung vom 04.04.2016 zu Ihrer Information.

Joint Turkish-German Seminar on Environmental Law 3.0

We are pleased to inform about the next Joint Turkish-German Seminar on Environmental Law which will take place at Kassel University from August 18th to August 20th, 2015.

"Current political questions and issues at law concerning an environmentally balanced economy in Turkey and Germany" -

this up-to-date title is set for our seminar which will be attended by our Turkish guests from Istanbul University:

"Turkey is a candidate country and a strategic partner of the EU. Its dynamic economy provides a valuable contribution to the prosperity of the European continent" - clear words, published by the European Commission in its "Turkey Progress Report" in October 2014.

So far, accession negotiations have been opened on 14 chapters, inter alia "enterprise and industry", "company law", "environment", "food safety" and the latest chapter in November 2013, chapter 22, "regional policy and coordination of structural instruments". Furthermore, the development of an active civil society in the EU and Turkey continues and demands more co-determination in those political and legal questions.

Against this background the Joint Turkish-German Seminar at Kassel University will illuminate current legal questions of environmental and economic law, in order to reflect on the current status quo of the (un)balanced situation in Turkey, Germany and the EU and to reflect on appropriate legal, administrative and political measures to optimize the balance on EU level and national level.

The seminar days are open to the public.

Notice for students: Students who are enrolled in the master programme "Business law" or the master programme "Environmental law", will be given the chance to gather ECTS points in the context of the "International and european environmental law" seminar or the "Current and theoretical questions of environmental law" seminar in winter term 2015/2016 by holding a lecture during the Joint Turkish-German Seminar in English. Also, a visit to Istanbul is planned for the end of the year 2015. Further information can be received from Prof. Dr. Laskowski (Laskowski@uni-kassel.de) or Marie-Luise Faßhauer (fasshauer@uni-kassel.de).

Istanbulexkursion 2014 im Master Umweltrecht - Ein großer Erfolg!

The Importance of Participation for Environmental Protection – 2nd German-Turkish Joint Seminar between Kassel University, Bielefeld University and Istanbul University in Istanbul, April 15th to April 21st 2014

Exkursionsbericht von Jost Bässler

Excursion report by Jost Bässler

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