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12/06/2018 | Integrated energy systems | Final theses

Bachelor thesis: Planning and construction of a hybrid drive system


Drive systems such as pedelecs and electric bicycles have been in vogue for some time. The facilitations in everyday life and leisure are obvious. These positive characteristics can be transferred to other systems. In the e-Rowboat project, an application is to be built that increases the range of an electric vehicle using arm-muscle power.


By selecting suitable components that could be based on electric bicycle drives, the system properties of an electric drive are to be realized with a demonstrator.

  •     Understand how electric bicycles work
  •     Understanding of the different types of applications
  •     Familiarization with the concept of the hybrid drive system
  •     Selection of electric motors
  •     Construction of the system
  •     Detailed documentation.


  •     Student of electrical engineering / control engineering / automation engineering
  •     Training as electrician / mechatronics engineer / mechanic desirable
  •     Enthusiasm for alternative drives
  •     Pleasure and interest in model making

The Integrated Energy Systems Group

The research group "Integrated Energy Systems" conducts research for the transformation of energy supply systems with the aim of developing a systematics that will be compatible with the environmental spheres atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere in the future. This systematics is applied to the two main topics of energy economics and energy systems engineering.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Clemens Hoffmann