Greeting from the Mayor and Head of Education of the City of Kassel Nicole Maisch

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The future belongs to renewable energies!

And what does a livable future look like? Everyone's idea may be different, but one thing is certain: it will be based largely on clean, renewable and sustainable solar energy - or it will not be worth living in.

So this future also depends on the ingenuity of children and young people - the technicians and engineers of tomorrow.

In designing and building solar boats and SolaRobots, for example, the team that makes the most clever use of the sun's energy wins. The Cup thus promotes young people's thirst for research and action in a fun and exciting way.

And we learn better when we have fun, learn together and can put theory into practice straight away. Planning, building, screwing, trying, making mistakes and learning from our mistakes together is a recipe for success. It's great that this type of learning is encouraged and supported in schools and that it can also be seen and experienced outside of school in this fantastic competition.

And who knows, maybe one or two of them will discover a talent for STEM subjects and support Kassel on the path to climate neutrality as a young talent, working in one of the many energy and mobility companies in the region or studying and researching at our university with its strong focus on sustainability?

The city of Kassel is proud to be hosting the Hessen SolarCup once again. I wish the organizing team from the University of Kassel, the cdw Foundation, Städtische Werke Kassel AG and Volkswagenwerk Kassel every success!

Nicole Maisch

Mayor and Head of Department for Youth, Health, Education and Equal Opportunities of the City of Kassel