11.10.2023 | Intelligente Eingebettete Systeme

Neuer Journal-Artikel in Advanced Engineering Materials erschienen

Anna Engelhardt, Jens Decke, David Meier, Franz Dulig, Rishan Ragunathan, Thomas Wegener, Bernhard Sick, Thomas Niendorf haben einen Artikel mit dem Titel On the Reliability of Automated Analysis of Fracture Surfaces Using a Novel Computer Vision-Based Tool im Wiley-journal Advanced Engineering Materials untergebracht. Und darum geht es in dem Artikel:


Fracture surface analysis is of utmost importance with respect to structural integrity of metallic materials. This especially holds true for additively manufactured materials. Despite an increasing trend of automatization of testing methods, the analysis and classification of fatigue fracture surface images is commonly done manually by experts. Although this leads to correct results in most cases, it has several disadvantages, e.g., the need of a huge knowledge base to interpret images correctly. In present work, an unsupervised tool for analysis of overview images of fatigue fracture surface images is developed to support nonexperienced users to identify the origin of the fracture. The tool is developed using fracture surface images of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V specimens fatigued in the high-cycle-fatigue regime and is based on the identification of river marks. Several recording parameters seem to have no significant influence on the results as long as preprocessing settings are adapted. Moreover, it is possible to analyze images of other materials with the tool as long as the fracture surfaces contain river marks. However, special features like multiple origins or origins located in direct vicinity to the surface, e.g., caused by increased plastic strains, require a further tool development or alternative approaches.


Link: https://doi.org/10.1002/adem.202300876