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05/24/2023 | News | Reports

Winter graduation roller training 2022/2023

On Friday, 14.04.2023, the closing party of the roller training took place in the indoor swimming pool Vellmar. From 14.00 to 20.00 o'clock the indoor swimming pool belonged completely to the kayak maniacs of the University of Kassel, the KSK (Kanu-Sport-Kassel) and their friends*innen.

The General University Sports of the University of Kassel had invited to the closing ceremony to thank for the cooperation (canoe polo, roller training) with the KSK, which started in summer and continued in winter. For this purpose, the entire indoor swimming pool in Vellmar was rented, where the joint roller training also took place over the winter.

The mobile canoe polo goal of the KSK was set up, a bring-your-own buffet was set up and the baby pool became a ball pool. At the beginning there was time to perfect one's rolls alone or under guidance, to refine the boat feeling or to practice paddle supports.

Around 4:00 p.m., the Olympic Games were called with 12 different disciplines. There were different races where the distance had to be covered in an unusual way (e.g. two people in one boat), the hand roll with beer in the hand, a boat change (under or above water) of two people or the gladiator fight on the SUP - just to name a few examples.

Afterwards, the winners of the Olympics were determined by lottery, according to the Olympic motto: "Taking part is everything! The university sports department had provided prizes for this, for which we would like to express our gratitude! The participants also took this opportunity to thank the exercise instructors of the university (Nadine and Philipp). Heinz from the KSK also deserves praise here, as he carried out many of the roller training sessions for the KSK.

After the heartfelt words, there was still a little time to really let off steam. A round of canoe polo in the swimmer's pool was on the agenda and those who still wanted to practice rolls could use the non-swimmer's pool for that. A worthy conclusion for this beautiful day.

Many thanks to the head of the university sports, Tobias Heyer, for making this great event possible!

Very special thanks also go to the administration and the employees of the Vellmar indoor pool, who warmly welcomed us during the winter. We felt very comfortable and hope to be guests again next fall!

And finally, thank you to all participants for the food donations and the fun day with you. We hope you were all able to reach your own goals and that we will see you on the Fulda in summer.