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Bali Film Premiere: AND I WAS FERIDUN ZAIMOGLU (D 2023; Director: Thomas Henke)

And I Was Feridun Zaimoglu (D 2023) is the third film accompanying the annual Kassel Grimm Poetics Professorship. In the experimental film, Kiel-based author Feridun Zaimoglu recites passages from his fictional inaugural lecture. He reflects on narration, writing and role taking: "I was not only a criminal nature on paper [...] I was the fall into dreams." It is exactly such a fall into bizarre (dream) worlds that director Thomas Henkes also stages for the cinema audience.

The film premiere takes place in cooperation with the Literaturhaus Kassel. Stefanie Kreuzer (Univ. Kassel) will lead through the event with panel discussion, cast and crew of the film incl. a reading by Feridun Zaimoglu.

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