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Helmut W. Klug (, 09.02.2021)

What unites all individual disciplines and also characterizes the humanities is a quest for understanding human life expressions and possible explanatory models for them.

Helmut W. Klug (, 09.02.2021)

Mastering the daily study routine with DigiLex UniComm

The new online portal provides foreign and German students with helpful and useful tips for everyday communication at the university.

Evaluation results

The course evaluation process takes place on a rolling basis every three semesters.

The survey instrument is a university-wide questionnaire that has been adapted to the specific needs of each department. The course evaluation takes place online.

Evaluation results: To the results

Discontinued/terminated degree programs

Studying without a high school diploma for those with vocational qualifications

Under certain conditions, the "Examination Board for the Admission of Vocationally Qualified Students to Universities" examines the university aptitude of interested applicants without a high school diploma who are professionally qualified and who are also interested in BA programs in the field of linguistics and cultural studies. A successful aptitude test allows access to these courses at all Hessian universities.

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