Contested Memories in the Global South

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Seminar with guest lectures

Contested Memories in the Global South

Thursday 4-6 p.m.

Moritzstr. 18, Campus Center, Room 1112/Seminar Room 3

This lecture series addresses the socio-political challenges and the artistic practices of remembering in the Global South. We ask how societies deal with violent history and the past, whose history is remembered, how politics of the past is shaped, whose interests prevail in the "making of history", what role different media (art, film, literature, music) play in memory, how the struggles for remembering are fought out. The lecture series has a strong practical and research orientation and is situated at the intersection of art, museum practices, culture, politics and society. Participants will be introduced to the concepts of transitional justice, politics of the past, and cultures of memory and guided to develop theoretically grounded research questions. Guests are: Jan Stehle, Susanne Buckley-Zistel, Mónika Contreras Saiz, Katarzyna Puzon, Friederike Pannewick, Stefan Peters, Anne Hufschmid and Martin Schmidl.