University of Szeged

Traditional university with international orientation

In 1872, the present University of Sciences of Szeged was founded in Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania, Romania), and in 1921 the seat of the former Franz Joseph University was moved to Szeged. It is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Hungary and includes higher education institutions such as the former Medical University, the College of Food Industry, the College of Agriculture and the Conservatory of Music. The research and teaching activities are currently divided into twelve faculties. The international orientation of the university is reflected, among other things, in the foreign language education there, because in Szeged one does not only study in Hungarian. At the medical and pharmacological faculties, courses are held in English and German, at the law faculty in German and French.

The Institute for German Studies

German literature and linguistics have been taught in Szeged since 1921. The first professor of German studies was Henrik Schmidt (1921-1946) from Cluj-Napoca. After the chair was closed for a transitional period in 1950, it again played an important role since 1957 - Szeged German Studies was reorganized. The explosion of the number of students after 1989 strengthened the ever-growing interest in the German language and confirmed its expansion. Thus, in 1993 the chair was specialized in three directions, which are still relevant today: Chair of German Linguistics, Chair of German Literary Studies, and the nationally unique Chair of Austrian Literature and Culture. Valence grammar and translational linguistics represent particular research foci. The Institute of German Studies maintains a total of ten Erasmus partnerships.

Library Szeged

With a stock of over one million copies of writings and books, the Klebelsberg Library, as the central university library, has the largest collection in southern Hungary. Similar to the holdings of the Kassel University Library, students and teachers can search through them with the help of an online catalog. In addition to Hungarian publications, the collection also includes the medical library of the German- and English-language degree programs. Also located in Szeged is the Somogy Library, which is a municipal library that collects mainly fiction and periodicals.