Grammar to go - a podcast project

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Languages shape our perspectives on the world. They influence how we perceive and understand it; they organize our thinking and also much of our social life. It is therefore not uncommon for supposed subtleties of wording in political, economic, legal or literary contexts to be of central importance for the respective outcome of a situation. But what role does grammar actually play in all this?
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the University of Kassel, students of the "Grammar (and World)" seminar shared some results of their first research experiences in this field in 3-minute podcast episodes. The podcasts are dedicated to the overarching research question of what interactions can be identified between grammatical features of texts and their communicative-pragmatic frames. The podcasts were created as a course assignment in a digital basic seminar on the introduction to the grammar of contemporary German and offer a small insight into specific content of the German studies program at the University of Kassel in an entertaining way. Listen for yourself. | Lecturer: Maria Gallinat