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What criteria must be met to register at Italicum?

The Italicum is aimed exclusively at students and doctoral candidates at the University of Kassel. There are no further criteria.


Can I receive credit for courses that I have attended for my main course of study?

No. It is not possible to receive double credit for a course for the main degree program and Italicum-Zertifikat.


Is the duration of the certificate program limited?

There is no limit to the duration of the course. It can be acquired in any time frame during the course of the degree or doctorate.


How do I know which courses I can attend as part of the Italicums program?

 The courses that are approved for the Italicum are published in mid-March and mid-September on on our website . All Italicum students  will be informed of the publication by e-mail.


How do I register for an event that I would like to attend as part of Italicums?

As an Italicum student, you enjoy the privilege of not having to register separately for one of these events in His-Pos.
Please simply register at in one of the first sessions with the lecturer (for online events, it is best to register in advance by e-mail) and clarify the coursework with him/her. This must always be related to Italy. At the end, you can then have your performance confirmed on your routing slip.
No digital recording of your achievements takes place within the framework of Italicums, which is why it is important that you take good care of your routing slip!


What requirements must an academic achievement meet for it to be recognized as part of the first module?

The coursework is certified by the lecturer of the respective course and is therefore determined by the lecturer. These can be short presentations or written elaborations on specific topics, reviews or essays as part of a course achievement. However, it is important that the coursework is related to Italy for courses in which Italy is not the dominant topic.


How can I receive credit for my participation in the annual Italy Day at Italien-Netzwerks?

At the university's annual Italy Day at Italien-Netzwerks, it is possible to have your participation credited with one ECTS point. This requires the preparation of short transcripts of all lectures given as well as detailed minutes of one of the lectures.

Please send your minutes to one of the network members you already know from your main course of study. A current list of network members can be found under the following link: https://www.uni-kassel.de/fb02/profil/internationales/netzwerk-italien/ueber-uns


Can I also attend courses that are not listed in the Italicum course catalog?

If we have overlooked a course related to Italy in our research, it is still possible in principle to attend it. Please feel free to contact us in this regard.


Can I receive retroactive credit for a course, internship or excursion?

Courses related to Italy, internships and excursions can be credited retroactively as long as they have not already been credited as part of the main degree program. Double crediting is not possible. In addition, credit transfer requires the completion of an academic achievement, such as a short written essay on an Italian-related topic or a short internship report.


I have earned all the credits. How do I get my Italicum-Zertifikat?

Please submit your original routing slip to Dekanat at FB02. Please also enclose a current overview of your main course of study. We will create your certificate and then send it to the address you provided when you registered. 

Who are the Italicum language courses aimed at?

The Italicum language courses are available to Italicum participants. The prerequisite is therefore the enrollment for the Italicum certificate.


What are the levels of the Italicum language courses and when are they offered?

There are usually two language courses per semester that can be attended free of charge as part of the Italicum. The courses consist of four semester hours per week. In the winter semester, the A1 and A2 levels are always offered. The courses offered in the summer semester depend on the needs of the Italicum students and will be requested in advance by e-mail.


How is the certificate of achievement issued in the Italicum language courses?

At the end of each language course there is a graded exam to prove the level of proficiency. The performance is then certified on the Italicum run sheet, which is used to issue the Italicum certificate.
There is no separate certificate for the Italicum language courses!


Do I also have to take the A1 language course if I already have a knowledge of the language?

If you already have knowledge of the language, with or without a certificate, Italicum students can take a language test with the Italian teacher Marco Bartalucci and, if necessary, enter at a higher language level.

(Please keep in mind that a total of 8 ECTS credits are required to complete the second Italicum module and the 4 ECTS credits that would be credited by taking the A1 course would have to be earned elsewhere).

Can the internship be exclusively a company internship?

No, all options are open to Italicum students for the internship. The internship can also be replaced by an intensive course held in Italy.


What is the best period to do an internship in Italy?

When it comes to the period of the internship, the industry in which you would like to intern is crucial. In August and September, Italian companies are often closed for up to three weeks, making it difficult to find an internship in the corporate world. However, an alternative during this time is the tourism sector, which is in full season in August.


Where can I do an internship in Italy and is there financial support?

In principle, you are free to choose the location of your internship as well as the industry. The Italian Network of the University of Kassel maintains contacts to Brescia, Sardinia, Florence, Rome and Venice. You can find more information under the following link: https://www.uni-kassel.de/fb02/profil/internationales/netzwerk-italien/italienische-kontakte

If you need help in finding the perfect internship location, please contact the person in question.


I would like to do an internship. How do I go about it?

First, find an internship location in Italy that appeals to you. If you need help, please contact us. If your application is accepted, the question of financing arises. We recommend that you contact the International Office to find out about the possibility of scholarships or Erasmus.