Spatial practices of the Documenta

A research project financed by the federal state of Hessen in the framework of the founding process of a documenta institute in Kassel, duration 2017–2021. This was preceded in the specialist field by the 2007 project documenta EFFECTS

Standard Architecture: From Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand to BIM

Alexander von Humboldt research fellowship for Prof. Nader Vossoughian, seminars in the masters programme, international symposium at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt

Ruhrmoderne (Ruhr modernity)

A research network focusing on postwar modernity in the northern Ruhr area 1955–1973; Summer School 2017.

Transformation of rural regions

In the context of a masters project on Gottsbühren (North Hesse) research was carried out into the structural change effected by globalisation and digitalisation in rural regions (publications on this subject in 2017). A joint research project is currently underway with the specialist fields of urban development (Prof. Stefan Rettich), urban and regional planning (Prof. Frank Roost) and the sociology of rural regions (Prof. Claudia Neu). This was preceded by a research project on public services in shrinking rural regions.