Master specialization Building economy

The department offers the master's specialization "BW" - "Building Industry and Project Development | ARCHITECTURE CITIES ECOCONOMIES".

The master's specialization is an encounter with social-ecological construction management at the interface between the Clusters for Environmentally Conscious Construction and Socio-Spatial Research, and appeals to students from all three fields of architecture, urban planning and landscape planning.

The design studio that we offer each semester (PRO-2-1-30) can be accredited as the profile project in the master's specialization. In addition, we currently offer the associated research studio (PRO-2-1-65) each semester. In order to take the BW master's specialization, both courses must be taken in the same semester.

Focus of the specialization:

Planning and design strategies with high design standards and a focus on political economy towards a socio-environmental transformation in the building industry.

Specific learning objective:

A profound understanding of economic interrelations in the construction industry between land policy, ownership structures, resource use and planning instruments, as well as knowledge and application of social and at the same time ecological project development strategies at different scales - from housing and public building to urban planning, from exhibition architecture to the design of public space.

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