Form and Structure

The research studio focuses on the interplay between geometry and structural behaviour of different structural types categorised with respect to the load bearing mechanism, in particular on form-active and surface-active structures. The studio starts with an introduction from physical to the modern digital form-finding approaches to provide a full overview.
First experimental approaches are used to determine the shape with respect to a certain initially wanted structural state. Followed by the detailed introduction of the latest numerical form-finding methods. With the aid of digital modelling software and scripting tools. An overview of the mathematical background is provided to enable the participants to understand and evaluate the applicability and limits of each method. The state-of-the-art form-finding methods are put to use on practical examples where form and structural states are investigated and manipulated. Through the research studio, students will work on individual projects in an interactive dialogue to get support in digital modelling, scripting and calculation theories. This will give an opportunity to lay the foundation for their structural design in studios and their master thesis.
As submission, students should choose a project which they develop through the studio. A complete and elaborate description in form of a handout including material, structure, methods should be illustrated and substantiated using sketches, drawings, diagrams and a 3d digital model.

supervision: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julian Lienhard, M. Sc. Seyed Mobin Moussavi, M. Sc. Felix Kallwies
students: Azita Ghafarzadeh, Lu Teng, Masoumeh Shahparast, Wenyu Jia