Bridging the Gap

winter semester 2023/24
event number | FB06.503
supervision | Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Brigitte Häntsch | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julian Lienhard
research associates | Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Zweig | Dipl.-Ing. Nora Aimée Grzywatz


The condition of many bridges in Germany that are now 40 to 60 years old is alarming. They are often concrete structures that are in such poor condition due to increased traffic loads and a backlog of renovations that only demolition and new construction are justifiable instead of renovation. The design is for a hybrid bridge in an urban context. In connection with the new construction, the resource of the bridge structure is to be considered as a sustainable urban building block in addition to a well thought-out and efficient structural and building design solution. The reduction of the ecological footprint through redensification and reduction of land sealing is just as much a focus as the added value of functional integration for a lively and green city.