summer semester 2021
event number | FB06.508
supervision | Prof. Dr.-Ing Julian Lienhard
research associate | M.Sc. Hanna Sentis
external supervision | Jonas Runberger (white arkitekter)
As a result of the high housing demand in the post-war period, numerous flats were built in serial and time-saving prefabricated concrete construction. In the meantime, many of these housing estates show a high need for redevelopment, are occupied with socio-cultural resentment and are characterised by undefined spacing areas due to the urban structure of the row construction method. At the same time, these mostly unused green spaces have a high potential.
An exemplary settlement is the "Wohnstadt Waldau" in Kassel, built from 1963 onwards, with 2000 flats and a total of about 7000 inhabitants.
At this location and based on the problems described above, a roofing with a minimal CO² footprint is to be created, which, in contrast to usual renovation measures for thermal insulation, achieves the same effect with minimal and sustainable use of materials. In addition, the EcoCanopy is to create a social and ecological microclimate, give rise to new kinds of open spaces and promote neighbourly togetherness. The aim of the design project is to design a canopy down to the constructional detail, taking into account urban planning and social issues.