Less:Heat | C³ - CityClimateCanopies

winter semester 2022/23
event number | FB06.506
supervision | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julian Lienhard
research associates | M.Sc. Dongyuan Liu | M.Sc. Gregor Grünkorn


The project studio offers the opportunity to accompany a design process in the context of structural design, global warming and urban planning. With the focus on structural design, the aim is to develop a workflow that will ultimately allow the realisation of a schematic design of a convertible roof, including pre-dimensioning.
The focus is on interdisciplinarity and the consideration of different cooperations and their further development in detail. The inclusion of the collaborations and their detailed working methods for the development of a roof at a specific location in terms of construction, climatic conditions and urban planning aspects plays just as much a role as the handling of various programmes that accompany and allow the process to be viewed in a technical sense.