Maun Sience Park

winter semester 2020/21
event number | FB06.519
supervision | Prof. Dr.-Ing Julian Lienhard
research associate | M.Sc. Hanna Sentis | Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Berger
The project will conceptualise and design a Sience Park near the city of Maun in Botswana, South Africa, as a new technology and knowledge hub and a central community space for exchange and education. The incorporation of the latest digital, technological and sustainable possibilities plays just as much a role as the spatial integration of the Sience Park into the city and a harmonious and minimally invasive approach to the surrounding, unique natural space of the Okavango Delta, which is worthy of protection. The focus of the project is thus on the interface between cutting-edge technologies and nature worthy of protection, with aspects such as education, health, mobility, community, connectivity, climate change, food and water security and sufficient power supply also being incorporated into the design.
The project is aimed at Master's students of architecture.