Performative interlocking

summer semester 2021
event number | PRO-2.1-13 , C-2.1-11
supervision | Prof. Dr.-Ing Julian Lienhard | Prof. Dipl. Arch. M.Sc. Philipp Eversmann
research associate | M.Sc. Seyed Mobin Moussavi | Dipl. Des. Guido Brinkman
The studio focuses on the design and construction of a 1:1 demonstrator situated next to the ASL building in the summer semester of 2021. We will be using recycled material and a building principle based on the interlocking which was developed in the previous design studio. The project explores a specific construction principle that was developed in the context of the previous “refurnish studio”: Reciprocal frame structure which achieves stiffness through geometric configuration and is locked into the final position using the bespoke joint. The construction method takes advantages of the interlocking connection to create 3D dimensional joints which can adapt to different boundaries condition in the structure. The digital detailing concept organizes the manufacturing and assembly process by applying and create a fast assembly on sit process without the need for templates, shop drawings, or auxiliary constructions. The fabrication will be carried out at Branthaus workshop employing 3 or 5 Axis milling machines.
Through the studio, students with the research associate’s support will develop a digital information model integrating design geometry with fabrication constraints and assembly process. Due to the online teaching method, it is necessary to create small groups (less than 5) for specific topics to carry out the physical tests in an open space.  In the feedback process, results from structural analysis and physical load-bearing testing will inform the digital model.
The project will provide the students with the opportunity to apply computer-aided design and fabrication methodologies in an integrated manner to a real-world project. The completion of the project including design development, documentation, fabrication, and assembly of the design within the course of one semester will require stamina and commitment.