Constructional Basics III

winter semester
event number | FB06.031
supervision | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julian Lienhard
research associate | M.Sc. Dongyuan Liu
lecturer | Jan Brütting
tutors | Jelensa Savic | Fynn-Niklas Kammel
This course builds on the lecture C-1.101 'Constructional basics I' from the previous winter term. After an introductory repetition the available structural systems for the mechanisms of load transfer, spanning, columns, bracing and foundation are presented and the implications of their use are explained. There will be declared rules for an approximate dimensioning which will allow the students to make realistic assumptions in their designs. In addition to the lecture, excercises with practical tasks will be applied to theoretical knowledge. The load transfer mechanisms presented in the lecture are applied to smaller exercise examples. Home exercises are given which completion is a prerequisite for participation in the exam.