form-finding Workshop

winter semester 2021/22
event number | C-2.1-33/34/41/42
supervision | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julian Lienhard
research associates | M. Sc. Georgia Margariti | M. Sc. Dongyuan Liu | M.Sc. Gregor Grünkorn
The workshop focuses on the introduction of structures whose design is driven by the interplay between form and force. This process is often referred to as form finding, which can be done with physical and/or digital methods.
After an introduction to the concept of form finding in architectural design, the students will explore the latest numerical form-finding methods through examples and tutorials with the aid of digital, parametric modelling software. An overview of the mathematical background is provided to enable the participants to understand and evaluate the applicability and limits of each method.
The presented form-finding methods and software are demonstrated using practical examples such as membrane/shell structure,  Through this workshop the students will work on individual projects in an interactive dialogue to get support in digital modelling, scripting, and calculation theories. This will give an opportunity to lay the foundation for their structural design in studios and their master thesis.
As submission, students are expected to develop their own form-finding strategy for a case study of their choice. A complete and elaborate description in form of a handout including material, structure, methods should be illustrated and substantiated using sketches, drawings, diagrams and a 3d digital model. On last day (12.11.21) of the week, students (in group or individual) will give a 10-min presentation followed by a 5-min discussion.
The workshop will be taught in English. The students should have completed KG1 and KG3 in the Bachelor and ideally visited one of the Spezielle Trako lectures.