M.Sc. Georgia Margariti

Research Associate | Structural Design

Margariti, Georgia
+49 561 804-7250
+49 561 804-3267
Universitätsplatz 9
34109 Kassel
Universitätsplatz 9, ASL 1, Raum 3118

Curriculum Vitae  (M.Sc. Georgia Margariti)

Background and Degree
Georgia Margariti is currently a research assistant at the Department of Structural Design (TWE) at the University of Kassel. After her 5-year Diploma in Civil Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens she completed her Master of Science in “ Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research” from the University of Stuttgart where her masters thesis focused on the self-formation of membrane actuated fiber-composite gridshells. After graduation, she joined the structural engineering firm Bollinger-Grohmann in Frankfurt and later in Paris where she gained practical experience on high rise steel structures, complex geometries and parametric engineering. Occasionally she has assisted lectures and workshops in the field of innovative engineering, structure and geometry at ENSA-Versailles.