M.Sc. Seyed Mobin Moussavi

Research Associate | Structural Design

Universitätsplatz 9
34109 Kassel
Universitätsplatz 9, ASL 1, Raum 3118

Curriculum Vitae

Background and Degree
Mobin is currently a research assistant at the Department of Structural Design (TWE) at the University of Kassel. After his five-year bachelor's degree in architecture, he completed his Master of Science in the "Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research program (ITECH)" at the University of Stuttgart. His master's thesis, which he worked on with his colleague Hana Svatos-Raznjevic, focused on investigating the use of computer-aided design algorithms in combination with robotic manufacturing and sensor technology to improve the design and construction process.
Before becoming part of the TWE team, he taught robotics manufacturing at IBK2 and worked as an adjunct scientist at ICD, University of Stuttgart. During this time he implemented projects such as  Buga carbon fibre pavilion4DmultiMats and Bio-inspired 3D-printed Shape-changing Material Systems.
At the Department of TWE, his research focuses on the development of a digital design process in steel construction. In addition, he is holding the seminar “Digital and Material Design”. this semester.