The economics of urban and regional development deals with the close interactions between spatial and economic development. It deals with the spatial organization of economic processes, their global references and the different local manifestations of economic structural change as well as the change towards sustainable urban and regional development.

Spatial effects of (knowledge) economic structural change

In this research focus, the connection of (knowledge) economic structural change with spatial change is considered. It is about the influence of socio-economic processes in the knowledge economy on the importance of cities and the relationship between cities and their surrounding areas.

Governance in complex spaces

In this focus, governance structures and processes are considered. A special focus is on governance in complex regions (cross-border regions, metropolitan regions) and the interaction of formal and informal instruments.

Framework conditions for sustainable spatial development

This focal point focuses on conflicting goals in the implementation of sustainable spatial development. The focus is on the analysis of conflicting goals in the spatial implementation of equal living conditions, the reduction of land use and the development of socio-economic livelihoods in regional development.


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