The Chair of Environmental Meteorology was newly established in March 2022 and is part of the Institute of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning in the Department of Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Planning.

The overarching goal of research at the department is to deepen the knowledge of climate-appropriate development and design of cities and spaces through both basic and applied research in urban climatology and environmental meteorology. The interlinking of urban climatology and planning sciences plays an important role.

The main focus of the department is on the bioclimatic analysis of cities by means of measurements and numerical modeling. Various climate issues such as climate protection, climate adaptation and urban climate are to be considered in an integrated manner. Research topics are, for example, the interactions and trade-offs between different measures for a climate-friendly city or the evaluation and development of urban climatological models and tools. Among other things, an urban climate observation network is to be established in Kassel.


09/25/2023 | Prof. Dr. Britta Jänicke is on parental leave in the winter semester 2023/24

Prof. Dr. Jänicke is represented by Dr. Stenka Vulova and Dr.-Ing. René Burghardt during parental leave.

Prof. Dr. Britta Jänicke is on parental leave in the winter semester 2023/24: read more
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Image: FG Umweltmeteorologie

08/04/2023 | Lecture in the context of the MINT week of the Futurespace Kassel on the topic "Measuring…

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07/19/2023 | AktuellesThe project "KUCON" in the ARD "Klimazeit"

The KUCON project (Kassel Urban Climate Observation Network) was presented in the ARD report "Klimazeit".

The project "KUCON" in the ARD "Klimazeit": read more
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