Master of Science in
Urban and Regional Planning

Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning

The master's degree program is created with an orientation towards both, well-founded professional qualification and scientific research.  Practical skills and theoretical knowledge are communicated on the basis of detailed fundamental knowledge through the study of current issues in research and practice. This develops the capability to practice in all areas of the discipline, in the contexts of spatial and structural design, as well as strategic and conceptual planning.

A particular aim of the four-semester master's degree program is to create an individual study profile tailored to the diverse, changing requirements of areas of professional practice that are highly differentiated in both methodology and content.

The in-depth development of planning and design expertise in complex and interdisciplinary contexts forms the core of the curriculum over the entire course of study. Teaching content and methods are based on the unity of teaching and research. Beyond the teaching of specialized knowledge, they are geared towards developing methodological, systemic and strategic skil

Master Programs

Master Program ST: Urban Design
Focus: development of skills in the fields of in-depth spatial analysis and urban design competence with consideration of architectural, urban and landscape planning issues
Specific learning objectives:

  • Design competence with respect to new sites and modernization/completion of existing urban structures and reflection within the discourse of urban theories

Master Program SRE: Urban and Regional Development
Focus: urban and regional development concepts, planning strategies and planning sciences. Development of strategic and conceptual skills, and methodological planning competencies in urban and regional development
Specific learning objectives:

  • Developing an understanding for the components of structural change, and their interrelation

Admission Requirements

Admission to the master's degree program can be granted to those who

  • have obtained a degree in the same or a related discipline at the University of Kassel, or
  • have obtained a degree in the same or a related discipline from another university or technical college in the Federal Republic of Germany or from a foreign university with a standard study duration of at least six semesters.