Studio Talk - Participatory Processes in Urban Development: Stakeholder Management Tools / IVAC – International Virtual Academic Collaboration Programm

In a globally connected world, planners, architects and landscape designers encounter increasingly complex, transcultural and demanding professional challenges. Planning, designing and project implementation usually require additional professional competencies. As a result, various stakeholder analysis and management methods need to be utilized to ensure inclusive and effective participation in project development, management and evaluation phases.

During this seminar discussions about the theoretical framework on participatory planning, including input lectures, interactive exercises in virtual and face-to face formats are followed by case study research. Students from the Department of Architecture, City Planning and Landscape Planning at the University of Kassel and from the City and Regional Planning Department at the University of Mersin have explored methods of stakeholder analysis and management and applied these on selected case studies. On the 16th February 2022, students from both universities present a selection of four case-studies from Germany and from Turkey.



13:00 Welcome & brief introduction

13:05 Presentations

  • Salz&Suzppe, Stuttgart by Fabian Gsell
  • Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin by Janne Thomsen
  • Fener-Balat Regeneration Project - Meryem Nur Kaplan and Ecem Nur Ata
  • Sarıgöl Neighbourhood Renewal Project - Neslihan Koçak

13:45 Discussion & Closure



G.-Prof. Dr.-Ing Umut Kienast-Duyar





Meeting ID: 924 6777 1644

Passcode: 404752



University of Kassel

Nele Lesemann, Marlene Kleinschmidt, Timurhan Akdag, Mona Dohmen, Janne Thomsen, Fabian Gsell 


University of Mersin

Erdem Uslu, Neslihan Koçak, Lukman A. Elmi, Meryem Gezer, Meryem Nur Kaplan, Seba Osmanağa, Ecem Nur Ata, Melisa Kaya, Muhammed Hüseyin Tekin, Ayşe Sinem Sağır



University of Kassel

G.-Prof. Dr.-Ing Umut Kienast-Duyar


University of Mersin

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolga Levent, Assist. Prof. Dr. Yasemin Sarıkaya Levent

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