Unit Profile

The study of work and labour studies qualifies students to take the examination for the first state examination for the school subject labour studies at secondary level I of the Hauptschule and Realschule as well as the Gesamtschule.

Work and labour studies is a compulsory subject at Hessian Hauptschulen, Realschulen and integrated comprehensive schools.

The school subject Arbeitslehre differs from other school subjects in its integrative, problem- and situation-based approach, which focuses on theoretical, empirical and practical examination of the world of work. For this reason, the study of labour studies as a teaching subject not only refers to its own subject didactics, but also to different sciences and extracurricular fields of practice. The different thematic focuses and teaching contents in the present module handbook summarise those areas of knowledge and problems that outline the current requirements for work-based education as a teaching subject and its basic content. Students of work-based education should acquire the competences that enable them to reflect on curricular elements and didactic concepts in a theory-based and critical-constructive manner, to take their own well-founded positions and to develop and conceptually implement professional standards for the subject of work-based education. The aim of the study programme is for students to acquire differentiated and integrated knowledge and skills with regard to relevant conditional and decision-making fields of the subject of work-based education.