Students of economics and information systems at the University of Kassel (with the consent of the responsible examination office, other students as well) can write their theses (Bachelor / Master / Diploma) at the chair of information systems. For this we assume a strong interest in relevant topics in the research area and expect prior knowledge in the field of business informatics. This can be achieved, among other things, by successfully attending our courses.

Theses are usually linked to ongoing research topics and projects in our department. Students experience close supervision and gain insights into the scientific research work in the field.

If you would like to write your thesis with us, please contact  Dr. Bretschneider stating 3 main topics.


Main topics for theses:

If you want to write your thesis with us, we would first ask you to fill out this dokument as an application and, if you are already interested in a topic, send it to the named employee.

Our department offers you a wide range of topics that offer interesting topics for theses. Information on the various subject areas and the corresponding supervisors can be found under Research focus areas. If you find a topic interesting, please get in touch with the relevant contact person.

In any case, please avoid contacting several employees with a request at the same time.

Practical work, case studies and your own suggestions for theses along our main topics are welcome. In the case of speculative applications, we reserve the right to check the relevance and chances of success.

Resources regarding suitable sources for a thesis are prepared under Resources for doing Research.