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Course program for the summer semester 2024

Dear students,

We are pleased to present our new course program for the coming semester. Here you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge in various areas and learn new skills. Please observe the formalities of the application process to ensure your participation. More information on the events and registration at



Applied Research (DE/EN)
Seminar (Master), 6 credit points, max. 25 participants

About the course:

In Phase 1, you will gain an overview of the requirements of scientific work and various research methods.

In phase 2, you will apply a research method you have learned.

Learning Objective:

Learn how to successfully write a scientific paper. 


Master's thesis preparation seminar, Information Systems and Systems Development  
Project seminar (Master), 6 credit points, max. 25 participants

About the course:

Learn about practically relevant research and research methods that will support you in designing your Master's thesis.

Learning Objective:

Create a scientific paper with the help of a research assistant, which can serve as a preliminary work or basis for your subsequent Master's thesis.


Module: SAP TS410 certification
Seminar (Bachelor/Master), 6 credit points, max. 25 participants

About the course:

Learn about the structure of the SAP S/4HANA system and its functionalities.

Learning objective:

Receive the "SAP Certified Business Associate with SAP S/4HANA" certificate recognized in business practice after successfully passing the exam.


Already running:

Collaborative Development of Conversational Agents (Master)
Seminar, 6 credit points, max. 5 participants

Founding scalable digital companies (B2B)
Seminar, 6 credit points, max. 15 participants