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Welcome to the Department of Economics, Prof. Dr. Isabell Hensel!

As of October 2022, Dr. Isabell Hensel will take over the Qualification Professorship for Civil Law and Labor Law in the Digital Society at the Department of Economics, Institute of Business Law. She received her doctorate from the Goethe University Frankfurt/M. (Gunther Teubner) with a thesis on the theory of private law concerning conflicts of fundamental rights in contracts. After working at the SFB "Statehood in Transition" in Bremen and at the Center for Interdisciplinary Labor Law Studies at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) in the field of platform work, she most recently dealt with the change of collectivization processes in cross-border gainful employment in the interdisciplinary DFG project "Law - Gender - Collectivity". Her current research, with a focus on digitalization, transnationalization, and gender equality in work, follows on from this. She also advises political and civil society actors on these topics.