Prof. Dr. Björn Frank

Dr. Franziska Nocke, Deanery Manager

We accompany students through their studies and provide them with a versatile range of knowledge as a basis for a successful future in science, research or practice.

Dr. Franziska Nocke, Deanery Manager

The Fa­cul­ty of Eco­no­mics and Ma­nage­ment (07) at the University of Kassel consists of the Institutes for Vocational Education (IBB), Ma­nage­ment and Busi­ness Stu­dies (IBWL), Economics (IVWL) and Commercial Law (IWR). Our 20 degree programmes, which include six bachelor’s, eleven master’s and two postgraduate degrees as well as one state examination, guarantee an outstanding academic education. Our range of courses is typified by their interdisciplinary nature, internationality and modern approach, both in terms of content and teaching methods; and we place great importance on encouraging young academics in a structured manner.

The Faculty in numbers

28 Units
ca. 290 Staff Members
ca. 7.000 Students
20 Degree Programmes

The clear goal is not only to expand the academic qualifications and career opportunities of our students, PhD and post-doctoral candidates and those seeking university lecturing qualifications, but improve them at all times. We closely follow international standards and developments in this regard. We are proud of occupying a leading position in the process of internationalising our university – our faculty is creating a wide variety of opportunities for a lively, international exchange of views between students and academics. It goes without saying that we are acting in a sustainable manner and fulfilling our responsibility towards future generations. Not least, we are pursuing an integrative approach to our research and teaching and this involves an ongoing exchange of ideas with companies, public administration bodies and vocational colleges.

Mission statement of the department

Major fields of research for the Faculty of Economics and Management

Di­gi­­tal Tran­s­­for­­ma­­ti­on (DI­T­­RA)

Ac­qui­­ring Skills & En­­­tre­pre­­neurship (KENT)

Eco­­no­­mic Be­ha­viour & Go­­ver­­­nan­ce (EB&Go)

Sustai­na­­bi­­li­­ty, En­­er­gy and the En­­vi­ron­­ment (NEU)

Study programs at FB 07