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European Journal of Information Systems Paper by Matthias Söllner, Abhay Mishra, Jan-Michael Becker and Jan Marco Leimeister.

The European Journal of Information Systems(EJIS) has published the paper "Use IT again? Dynamic roles of habit, intention, and their interaction on continued system use by individuals in utilitarian, volitional contexts" by Matthias Söllner, Abhay Mishra, Jan-Michael Becker and Jan Marco Leimeister .

The EJIS is regarded as the leading international journal in the field of information systems. It is recognized as an A-journal in the VHB-JourQual 3 ranking and has an impact factor of 9.5 (2022). As part of the AIS Senior Scholars' Basket of Journals, it is a first-class platform for the dissemination of significant research results in this field. The article is published Open Access and thus freely accessible to a wide audience.

AbstractThis study employs a longitudinal perspective to examine continued system use (CSU) by individuals in environments where alternative systems are available. It focuses on two key behavioral antecedents of CSU-habit and continuance intention-and theorizes how the relationships between CSU and these antecedents evolve over time. Furthermore, it explores the temporal evolution of the interaction effect of habit and intention on CSU. This research diverges from existing literature by suggesting an increase in the impact of continuance intention on CSU over time and positing a positive interaction effect between habit and intention, in contrast to the typically assumed negative moderation effect. Data collected from students at a European university using a higher education information system supports these findings. Additionally, the paper introduces a novel methodological approach-the permutation method for multi-group analysis with repeated measures.


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