Prof. Dr. Martina Deckert

Chair of the Department of Civil Law, Corporate Law and Competition Law

Nora-Platiel-Straße 4
34109 Kassel
WISO A, 3215a
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Curriculum Vitae  (Prof. Dr. Martina Deckert)

Prof. Dr. Martina Deckert is chair of the "Department of Civil Law, Corporate Law and Competition Law" at the Institute for Business Law (Faculty of Business and Management, University of Kassel) since the winter term of 2007/2008.

03/2019-presentDean of Studies - Faculty for Business and Management


Executive Director - Institute for Business Law
03/2010-presentChair of the consecutive degree programs "Bachelor of Laws - Business Law" and "Master of Laws - Business Law"
10/2007-presentChair of the "Department for Civil Law, Corporate Law and Competition Law"
2007"Habilitation" (postdoctoral qualification) at the Faculty for Law at the University of Bremen
1995Doctorate Degree (Dr. iur.) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
1991Second "Staatsexamen" (state examination), OLG München
1988-1991"Rechtsreferendariat" (trainee solicitor)
1988First "Staatsexamen" (state examination), Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich