Dr. Roland Steidle, LL.M.

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Former research associate

Department of Public Law, esp. Environmental and Technology Law

Project Group for Constitutionally Compatible Technology Design
- provet -

University of Kassel, FB 07
Pfannkuchstr. 1
34109 Kassel

  • Since 2002 attorney at law.
  • Since July 2003 member of the project Evidentiary and secure long-term archiving of digitally signed documents (ArchiSig), funded project of the BMWA within the VERNET project.
  • From February 2002 to July 2003, employee in the BMWi MTI lead project "Multimedia Workplace of the Future".
  • Second state examination in law in 2001.
  • 2000/2001 German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer, Department Electronic-Government.
  • First State Examination in Law 1999.
  • Law studies in Heidelberg.

Book Publications

  • Handbuch Datenschutz im Internet (ed., together with S. Jandt), 2018, NOMOS, Baden-Baden
    Including chapters B.II.2 International Data Processing (together with U. Aßmus),
    B.III.2 Cloud Computing Services,
    B.III.6 Advertising,
    B.III.10 Network and Information Security,
    B.III.11 Fraud Prevention, Information Activity
  • General Data Protection Regulation and Intelligent Personal Assistants: A Study of Data Protection Obligations Governing the Principles for the Processing of Personal Data, its Transfer to Third Countries and its Utilisation for Marketing Purposes, 2018, Carlisle.
  • Handbuch Datenschutz im Internet (ed., together with S. Jandt), 2018, NOMOS, Baden-Baden, Therein the chapters B.II.2 International Data Processing (together with U. Aßmus),B.III.2 Cloud Computing Services,B.III.6 Advertising,B.III.10 Network and Information Security,B.III.11 Fraud Prevention, Information Activity.
  • "Multimedia Assistants in Operation - Data Protection Requirements, Legal Regulation and Technical Design Proposals for Mobile Agent Systems," 2005, Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag, Wiesbaden.


  • Digitalization and Personenbezug - Thesen zur Weiterentwicklung des Datenschutzrechts in einer digitalen Welt, in: Mensch - Technik - Umwelt: Verantwortung für eine sozialverträgliche Zukunft, Festschrift für Alexander Roßnagel zum 70. Geburtstag, 2020, NOMOS, Baden-Baden, 2020, 267, https://www.nomos-shop.de/titel/mensch-technik-umwelt-verantwortung-fuer-eine-sozialvertraegliche-zukunft-id-97473/.

  • Removal of Personal Reference by Means of Encryption by Cloud Users, DuD 2015, 536 (together with U. Pordesch).
  • Vulnerability of the Information Society - Review of Design Proposals and Theses from 1988, Andelfinger, U., Hammer, V., Pordesch, U., Roßnagel, A., Steidle, R., Verlag kassel university press, 2015 (The theses and design proposals from the 1990 publication were taken up in 2015. In a review, five authors evaluate whether the theses still apply today and whether the design proposals come to fruition. To download the "Review of 1988 Design Proposals and Theses," see provet.org).
  • One Device Fits All? - One Terminal Device for Multiple Employers. Legal Assessment and Recommendations for Action in BY1D, CR 5/2013, 338 (together with Silke Jandt).
  • Wider das anarchistische IT-Outsourcing! Web Services and Information Security: A Contribution to Dropbox & Co. in the Enterprise, Study, 7/2012, 40 pp.
  • More legal security with social media policies, E-Commerce Magazin, 3/2011, 42.
  • Commercial use of smart meter data, in: ew - das Magazin für die Energie Wirtschaft, 12/2010.
  • Do We Need New EC Standard Contractual Clauses for 'Global Outsourcing'?, CR 10/2009, 632 (together with Fischer, T.).
  • Data Protection in the Use of Location Based Services in the Enterprise, MMR 3/2009, 167.
  • Chrome mit Kratzern, DuD 1/2009, 47 (together with Pordesch, U., Steffan, J., Seitz, K.).
  • Offshoring und Datenschutz, in SourcingOut.com, 20.01.2009.
  • The Use of Location Data for Location Based Services, Alcatel Lucent Foundation Volume of the Institute for European Media Law (EMR) 2007, Mobility and Context - Future Developments of Mobile Communication in Technology and Law. Publication series of the Institute for European Media Law (EMR) 2008.
  • On Google's Web. Web-Tracking und Datenschutz, DuD 5/2008, 324 (together with Pordesch, U.).
  • Outsourcing in Banking - New Regulatory Requirements under Section 25a KWG and MaRisk, WM 50/2007, 2313 (together with Fischer, T. / Petri J.).
  • Legal attacks and their judicial evaluation, in: Gitter, G. / Lotz, V. / Pinsdorf, U. / Roßnagel, A. (eds.), Sicherheit und Rechtsverbindlichkeit mobiler Agenten, 2007, Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag, 185.
  • Process, tasks and roles of the simulation study, in: Gitter, G. / Lotz, V. / Pinsdorf, U. / Roßnagel, A. (eds.), Sicherheit und Rechtsverbindlichkeit mobiler Agenten, 2007, Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag, 147.
  • The Manufacturer's Declaration for Signature Application Components - A Facilitation for the Dissemination of Electronic Signatures?, MMR 2/2006, 68 (together with Fischer-Dieskau, S.).
  • Die Simulationsstudie ArchiSig - Simulationsstudie zur Beweistauglichkeit elektronisch signierter Dokumente, in: Roßnagel, A. / Schmücker, P. (Eds.), Beweiskräftige elektronische Archivierung - Bieten elektronische Signaturen Rechtssicherheit?, Economica, 2005, 187 (together with Fischer-Dieskau, S. / Pordesch, U. / Roßnagel, A.).
  • Biometrics at the Workplace - Secure Control Procedures versus Sprawling Control Potential, AuR 6/2005, 201 (together with Hornung, G.).
  • The Duty to Maintain Insider Lists from the Perspective of Informational Self-Determination, WM 19/2005, 868 (together with Waldeck, M.).
  • Diskussionsberichte der Alcatel SEL-Stiftungstagung 2004 - Neuordnung des Medienrechts - Neuer rechtlicher Rahmen für die konvergente Technik?, in: Roßnagel, A. (ed.), Neuordnung des Medienrechts, Alcatel Stiftungsband des Instituts für Europäisches Medienrecht (EMR), Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Europäisches Medienrecht (EMR), Nomos 2005 (together with Hallaschka, F.).
  • Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz durch Biometrie, info Sicherheit 1/2005, 5 (together with Hornung, G.).
  • Diskussionsberichte der Alcatel SEL-Stiftungstagung 2003 - Allianz von Medienrecht und Informationstechnik, in: Roßnagel, A. (ed.), Technik für Nutzer - Rechtliche Regelung für eine nutzergerechte Technik, Alcatel Stiftungsband des Instituts für Europäisches Medienrecht (EMR), Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Europäisches Medienrecht (EMR) , Nomos 2004 (together with Paul, S.).
  • Evidence on a String of Bits? - Die Langzeitaufbewahrung elektronischer Signaturen auf dem Prüfstand, MMR 7/2004, 451 (together with Fischer-Dieskau, S. / Roßnagel, A.).
  • ArchiSig Study: Long-Term Evidential Value of Signed Documents, DuD 12/2003, 786 (together with Fischer-Dieskau, S. / Pordesch, U.).
  • Long-Term Archiving System for E-Signatures, CR 11/2003, 869 (together with Fischer-Dieskau, S.).
  • Electronically Signed Documents as Evidence in Civil Proceedings, MMR 11/2002, 709 (together with Fischer-Dieskau, S. / Gitter, R. / Paul, S.).

Judgment notes, book reviews and other literature

Lectures and conferences

  • Regularly: Designing IT contracts optimally (IT-specific contract law and outsourcing), Bad Honnef, Darmstadt, Munich, Stuttgart.
  • Document and e-mail archiving, 28.3.2012, Nuremberg.
  • Social Media and Information Security, Fraunhofer Forum Berlin, 25.10.2011.
  • Less Risk in the Enterprise. Legal aspects of IT risk management, SiS IT-Rechtstage 2011, 23.9.2011, Schwetzingen.
  • Web services - evaluation and control, 21.9.2011, Fulda.
  • Web 2.0 - anarchistic outsourcing, Rheinland Meeting Practical IT Security, 15.9.2011, Karlsruhe.
  • Employee data protection, IT security and risk management, electronic signatures, 15.6.2011, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • IT risk management, 26.05.2011, Fulda.
  • IT audits and audit obligations, 14.04.2011, Weimar.
  • Requirements of the Money Laundering Act and Combating Terrorist Financing, 23.06.2010, Frankfurt am Main.
  • Legal issues arising from the developments of Web 2.0, 13.10.2008, Birlinghoven.
  • Introduction to Data Protection Law, 21.05.2008, Frankfurt am Main.
  • IT Security and Law: Legal Issues in Project Platforms, April 11, 2008, Oberhausen.
  • IT Security and Law: The Development of IT Law in 2007 and Emergency Management, 12/13.3.2008, Eisenach.
  • IT-Outsourcing: Open Source Software, BSI-Grundschutz, E-Money Directive, Payment Services Directive (PSD) and Single European Payments Area (SEPA), 11.06.2007, Frankfurt.
  • IT Outsourcing: Transfer of Software, Data Protection, IT Security, ITIL, 21.05.2007, Frankfurt.
  • Location Based Services in Law, Alcatel Stiftungstagung 2007 in der Landesmedienanstalt Stuttgart, conference topic Mobility and Context - Future Developments of Mobile Communication in Technology and Law, 10.05.2007, Stuttgart.
  • Several lectures on IT security and law, especially incidents and their prevention and handling from a legal point of view, 08.03.2007, Cologne.
  • Conference of the BMWi "Rechtssicherheit bei der elektronischen Archivierung" Anforderungen und Lösungen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung elektronischer Signaturen, Ergebnisse der Simulationsstudie zur Prozess- und Beweiseignung elektronisch signierter Dokumente, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie, Berlin,13.12.2005.
  • IT Security: Teleworking, Guest Networks and Private Use, Outsourcing, 29/30.9.2005, Kassel.
  • IT-Outsourcing, Business-Process Outsourcing, Offshoring, 17.3.2005, Frankfurt am Main.
  • Legal foundations of IT security, IT risk management, 22/23/3/2005, Kassel.
  • Lecture on "Employee Data Protection" as part of the advanced study course "Information Organization" at the University of Kassel in the series "Legal Foundations of Information Management" and "Data Protection", 30.11.2002, Kassel.
  • Lecture "Legal Issues of Assistance Systems at the Workplace", Doctoral Colloquium 2002/2003 on "Legal Issues of E-Commerce and E-Government", 14.11.2002, Kassel.
  • Lecture "Die Simulationsstudie MAP des Clusters Sicherheit und Rechtsverbindlichkeit - Entwicklung von Gestaltungsvorschlägen für die 2. Generation des MAP", Projektstandsitzung des BMWi MTI-Leitprojektes MAP, 24.10.2002, Fraunhofer-IGD, Darmstadt.

Poster Sessions

  • Poster session at the MTI-International status meeting on the BMBF/ BMWA lead projects of the thematic area "Human-Technology Interaction", 03/04.6.2003, Berlin: "Secure and legally binding purchase of image data with mobile agents", "The MAP simulation study", "The legally compatible design of MAP".
  • Poster session at the 2nd project status meeting of the BMWi MTI- lead project MAP, 24/10/2002, Fraunhofer-IGD, Darmstadt: "The simulation study MAP", "The legally compatible design of MAP".