Lena Isabell Löber, Ass. iur.

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Former research assistant


Department of Public Law, esp. Environmental and Technology Law

Project group constitutionally compatible technology design

- provet -

University of Kassel, FB 07

Pfannkuchstr. 1

34109 Kassel

  • Since October 2020: Research assistant in the project "Design of collaborative context-sensitive mobile applications according to normative requirements of data protection law and computer science"(NORA)
  • Since May 2020: Research assistant in the project "Forum Privatheit. Self-determined life in the digital world"(Privacy Forum II)
  • Since September 2017: Research assistant in the project "Uncovering and combating disinformation"(DORIAN)



Book contributions

  • "AI solutions against digital disinformation: Legal obligations and powers of social network providers", in: Friedewald, M./Roßnagel, A./Heesen, J./Krämer, N./Lamla, J. (eds.), Künstliche Intelligenz, Demokratie und Privatheit, Nomos, Baden-Baden 2022, pp. 289-316

  • "Disinformation from the perspective of law", in: Steinebach, M./Bader, K./Rinsdorf, L./Krämer, N./Roßnagel, A. (eds.), Disinformation aufdecken und bekämpfen. Interdisciplinary approaches against disinformation campaigns and for plurality of opinion, Nomos, Baden-Baden 2020, pp. 149-194 (together with A. Roßnagel)

  • "Fact or fake? - False information in the digital age from a media-psychological and legal perspective, in: Grimmwelt Kassel (ed.), Sagen! On storytelling between antiquity and the digital age. On the 200th anniversary of the German Legends of the Brothers Grimm", 2018, pp. 87-97 (together with L. Rösner)


Essays and blog posts

  • "Concretization of privacy by design through requirement and design patterns", in: DuD 2023, pp. 137-143 (together with A. Roßnagel)

  • "Research data access under the new Art. 40 Digital Services Act", ZD-Aktuell 2022, 01420

  • "On the way to an employee data protection law for the digital age?", ZD-Aktuell 2022, 01120

  • "AI solutions against disinformation in social networks - questions of transparent use in compliance with fundamental rights", blog post from 28.10.2021, Forum Privatheit blog

  • "Privacy-friendly algorithms. Data minimization in context processing," in: DuD 2021, p. 616-622 (together with S. Lange, K. David, A. Roßnagel)

  • "Digital EU COVID certificate and CovPass app: return to freedom or surveillance instrument?", ZD-Aktuell 2021, 05220

  • "NORA: Design of collaborative context-sensitive mobile applications", ZD-Aktuell 2020, 07387

  • "Completion of the research project 'Detecting and combating disinformation' (DORIAN)", ZD-Aktuell 2020, 06980

  • "Labeling of social bots. Transparency obligations to protect communication with integrity", in: MMR 2019, pp. 493-498 (together with A. Roßnagel)

  • "The Network Enforcement Act in implementation. Review after the first transparency reports", in: MMR 2019, p. 71-76 (together with A. Roßnagel)

  • "DORIAN: Research project will uncover and combat disinformation on the internet", ZD-Aktuell 2017, 05795


Commentary on the law

  • Commentary on §§ 49-51 HDSIG (Automated individual decision; General information on data processing; Notification of data subjects), in: Roßnagel, Alexander (ed.), Hessisches Datenschutz- und Informationsfreiheitsgesetz, Handkommentar, Baden-Baden 2021


Policy paper and other publications

  • "Privacy by Design am Beispiel der kollaborativen kontextsensitiven NORA-App zur Kommunikationsunterstützung von Wissensarbeit", ITeG Technical Reports 15, Wissenschaftliches Zentrum für Informationstechnik-Gestaltung (ITeG) an der University of Kassel (ed.), 2023 (together with I. König, S. Lange, K. David, A. Roßnagel)

  • "Uncovering and combating disinformation. Recommendations for action, Policy Paper DORIAN", Publication series Forum Privatheit, Darmstadt: Fraunhofer SIT, 2018 (together w. K. Bader, C. Jansen, P. C. Johannes, N. Krämer, M. Kreutzer, L. Rinsdorf, L. Rösner, A. Roßnagel)

  • "Das Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz, Policy Paper", Schriftenreihe Forum Privatheit, Karlsruhe: Fraunhofer ISI, 2018 (together w. A. Roßnagel, T. Bile, M. Friedewald, C. Geminn, J. Heesen, M. Karaboga, N. Krämer, M. Kreutzer, N. Martin, M. Nebel, C. Ochs)


  • "AI-based Detection and Removal of Disinformation: Legal Obligations and Powers of Social Network Operators" at Thesenbattles "Disinformation and Democracy," interdisciplinary conference of the Forum Privatheit on the topic "Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Democracy and Privacy," November 19, 2021, Hessischer Landtag, Wiesbaden.
  • "Phenomenon Fake News: False News in the Digital Age" on the occasion of the special exhibition HörenSAGEN: Antike Mythen - Grimmsche Sagen - Digitales Erzählen, April 26, 2018, Grimmwelt Kassel (together with L. Rösner).