Credit Transfer

It is advantageous for your study progress to have (at least part of) the credits earned abroad recognized at the University of Kassel. The Faculty of Economics and Management supports you in your efforts to study abroad through a generous practice of credit transfer.

The formal responsibility to decide the credit transfer rests with the Board of Examiners in charge of the respective study programme. It is advisable to find out in advance from the responsible examination board to what extent credits earned abroad will be recognized.

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Credit transfer for achievements acquired abroad

The information below is available in German only. If you do not speak German, please contact us for assistance: fb07-erasmus[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

Study programRecognition information (available only in German)
Economics and Management (BA/MA)

Information sheet

Industrial Engineering (BA/MA)Information sheet
Business Law (BA/MA)Information sheet
Vocational/Business Education (BA/MA)Information sheet
Economic Behavior and Governance (MS)

Please check the Moodle course for specific information

Business Studies (MS)

Information sheet

Sustainability Management (MS)Information sheet
Economics, Psychology, and Management (MS)Information sheet
Other Master ProgramsChair of the respective Examination Board
Note: For students enrolled at other faculties (e.g. 02 and 05) the same regulations and the same procedure for the recognition of external achievements apply as for students of faculty 07.


For English documents contact us at fb07-erasmus[at]uni-kassel[dot]de