Kti11 – a ver­­sa­ti­le part­ner of pro­te­in com­ple­xes with ro­les in cell pro­li­fe­ra­ti­on

Intriguingly, Elongator partner protein Kti11 not only mediates cell death by zymocin but is also known as Dph3. Dph3 is one of five components...

Kti11 – a ver­sa­ti­le part­ner of pro­te­in com­ple­xes with ro­les in cell pro­li­fe­ra­ti­on: Forward

Cell pro­li­fe­ra­ti­on con­­trol us­ing yeast as mo­del eu­­ka­ry­o­tes

Over the last 10 years, we have focussed on the study of yeast cell proliferation, particularly in response to zymocin...

Cell pro­li­fe­ra­ti­on con­trol using yeast as mo­del eu­ka­ryo­tes: Forward

Kti12 sup­­ports Elonga­tor de­pen­dent wob­b­le ur­i­di­ne mo­di­fi­ca­ti­ons

In eukaryotes, Kti12 enables carboxymethylation (cm5) of transfer ribonucleic acids (tRNA) carried out by the Elongator complex. The modification is located inside the anticodon of tRNA...

Kti12 sup­ports Elonga­tor de­pen­dent wob­b­le uri­di­ne mo­di­fi­ca­ti­ons: Forward