Vortrag im Rahmen des Berufungsverfahrens „Qualifikationsprofessur Experimentalphysik“, Dr. Kai Litzius, MPI Stuttgart

Titel: "Skyrmion dynamics and the formation and stabilization of skyrmions in 2D van der Waals magnets”

Recently, the combination of 2-dimensional (2D) magnetism with the field of spintronics, i.e., the manipulation of magnetic states with electric currents, has started to gain much traction in modern solid-state physics. Many prospective applications ranging from magnetic and magnetoelectric to magnetooptic concepts lead to 2D materials being discussed as promising candidates for energy efficient logics and computer memory applications. They are thus both a potentially versatile and physically intriguing system to be studied, yet not much is known about the actual nano- and sub-nanosecond magnetization dynamics of these materials. In this talk I will provide a basic introduction into the field of skyrmion dynamics in thin films and present recent experimental observations of dynamic skyrmion generation in a nanocontact geometry. The observations will focus on the 2D itinerant ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2 and open further possibilities for technological implementation. The experiments are performed by real-space imaging to determine the spatially and time resolved dynamics of exfoliated van der Waals films. Our findings show besides complex, history-dependent magnetization states also indications of a dynamic decay of skyrmions and open novel perspectives for designing van der Waal heterostructure-based devices incorporating topological chiral spin textures.

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