Prof. Amru Hussein (Univ. Kassel): From old make new - coupling of partial differential equations

am Montag, den 22.05.2023, um 17:15, im Hörsaal 1409


From old make new - coupling of partial differential equations

Prof. Dr. Amru Hussein (Univ. Kassel)


Partial differential equations help us to express physical principals and to describe problems in engineering. Once there is more than a single influence, we have to take care of the possible interactions. From a mathematical point of view one can ask which of these are admissible and therefore allows one to make from an "old"
well-understood uncoupled setting a "new" one - now coupled and interconnected. This is exemplified for coupling boundary conditions on networks where information can be transmitted in various ways through the nodes, and for interconnected systems in fluid mechanics. Examples of the latter are geophysical flow equations describing the dynamics of ocean and atmosphere, and models describing liquid crystals which entered our every day life as liquid crystal displays or LCDs.

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