Amir Hashemi (University of Isfahan, Iran): On Saturation of Zero-dimensional Ideals

In this talk, first I give a brief review on a hidden algorithm due to Traverso in 1992 for computing Grobner bases. Specifically, it addresses the process of updating a Grobner basis for a zero-dimensional ideal I to a Grobner basis for I+<f> where f is a new polynomial. This algorithm was formulated in one of Mora’s books.

Based on this algorithm and by applying linear algebra techniques, we propose two new algorithms for calculating the saturation of a zero-dimensional ideal with respect to a polynomial. I will report the efficiency of these methods compared to the classical method (using the Rabinowitsch trick) for computing ideal saturation.

This talk is based on a joint work with my Ph.D. student, Fateme Akbari.


Vor diesem Vortrag, ab 16.45 Uhr, gibt es wieder Kaffee und Tee im Raum 1404.
Es sind alle herzlich dazu eingeladen.

gez. Prof. Dr. Werner M. Seiler

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