Polycentricity Webinar Sessions 03 Feb/ 03 March / 07 Apr

Our guest speaker is Prof. Rolf Künneke, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, who will be presenting and discussing “The interrelatedness between technology and institutions in network infrastructures: A polycentric perspective”. In his presentation, Prof. Künneke will discuss key concepts from his recently co-authored book “Network Infrastructures. Technology meets Infrastructure” (2021) through the lenses of polycentric governance. This session will be the first episode of our three-part miniseries exploring avenues of research using concepts of polycentric governance in the field of infrastructures.

You can join the talk via Zoom link:


(Code for log-in via mobile: 560140)

Please also see the flyer with the dates and links of the further two sessions of the miniseries. Don't forget to save the dates!

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