Insights on behavioral economics on norm nudges and a vegetarian month

As part of our program we kindly invite you to our next keynote of our events of the lecture series "Puzzle Pieces of Change". During this event series we talk about various challenges and trends of the food and agricultural system and what must be done to follow socio-ecological transformations.

With growing concerns about health and environmental sustainability, changes in food consumption have become increasingly urgent. Traditional policy instruments, such as price adjustments, lack broad societal acceptance.

On 10th of July, 18:00, under the title "Insights from behavioral economics on norm nudges and a vegetarian month" our guest speaker Charlotte Klatt will explore two approaches: first, the impact of a social norm nudge and visibility on food consumption choices, with a focus on the promotion of vegetarianism; and second, the persistence of behavioral changes following a 'vegetarian month' intervention in a university canteen and the underlying channels driving these changes.

We would like to invite you to join in class or online via the following zoom:

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