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2020 | June | Commissioning of the new CDF chest

Commissioning of the new CDF chest

In June 2020, a new CDF test chest from the Schleibinger company was installed at the department and replaced the aging test equipment. The new acquisition was made possible by the financial support of the university's internal equipment fund, for which we would like to express our sincere thanks.

The CDF(Capillary suction of de-icing solution and freeze thaw test) - chest of the company Schleibinger is used at the department and the official material testing institute for quality control of concrete and concrete products. The test method is used to determine and evaluate the durability of concrete and concrete products against freeze-thaw attack when using de-icing agents. Explicitly, the new CDF chest is used to determine the "freeze-thaw resistance - weathering" of concrete according to DIN 12390 Part 9 and the resistance to freeze-thaw attack with de-icing salt of concrete products according to DIN EN 1338 to 1340.