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Excursion of the lecture Holzbau-Vertiefung from 30.06. - 02.07.2022 to Strasbourg and Baden-Württemberg

After two years, this year's excursion in the timber construction in-depth module took place again as usual over three days with overnight stay.

In total, we were a group of 19 people, composed of students and scientific staff of our department. The destination was the southwest of Germany between Strasbourg and Stuttgart. Due to the very good explanations of planners and builders, who took their time and explained the objects to us on site, we were able to get a lot of first-hand background information.

On the first day, we visited a cross laminated timber plant of the Pfeifer Group in Schlitz, followed by the roof supporting structure in the cathedral of Fulda and the Mutihalle in Mannheim. The day ended with a visit to Ilôt Bois in Strasbourg and the silver fir tower in Kehl. The second day began with a tour of the Holz100 company in Lahr, where not only the carpentry shop was visited, but also the innovative building concept was explained. Afterwards we drove to the Stutensee bath and to the voluntary fire department in Straubenhardt. Finally, we climbed the Hohe Warte, an observation tower near Pforzheim. We started the last day with a tour of the Stuttgart 21 construction site and a nearby wooden bridge in Weinstadt, which was one of three bridges built as part of the "Stuttgart Wooden Bridge" research and development project. The final stop was the SWG Schraubenwerk. Here we visited the administration building in hybrid construction with wood-concrete composite ceilings and the production hall, which currently has the world's largest roof construction made of beech.

After the excursion, each student prepared an analysis of one of the visited objects, which will be included in the final grade of the module Holzbau-Vertiefung.